Special family vacation after a tough week.

Have you ever wondered why some prefer to travel in an RV, instead of taking a plane, car or other means of transport? An RV gives you the freedom of a nomad, you can stop almost anywhere and at any time. You can pack sunbathing in the coastal town of Piran, coffee in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana and a delicious dinner in the Roman Ptuj into just 24 hours, and stop at the Green Lake sports and recreation center for the night, gazing at the moonlight by the lake.

We have 10 RV spaces, and will be expanding the campsite with about 40 tent sites.

We are some 12 km away from Ptuj, Slovenia’s oldest town.

The campsite is divided into two sections: the lower part with plots with beautiful views of the lake, and the upper part with hookups for RVs.

RV park

  • water and electricity hookup;
  • sewage hookup directly at the RV space;
  • adequate height of utility connections and drains;
  • option of fixed freshwater and sewage hookups.


A wakeboard park coming soon


More parking for motorhomes by the lake


Newsletter with interesting events


Food and drinks, beach volleyball and much more

Green Lake opening hours


9:00 – 22:00


9:00 – 22:00


9:00 – 22:00


9:00 – 22:00


9:00 – 22:00


9:00 – 23:00


9:00 – 21:00

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